For many years, we have been advising commercial enterprises of all legal forms and sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to international corporations with a turnover of several hundred million euros.

Our clients include listed stock corporations and holding companies of large, internationally active private equity companies as well as wealthy private individuals, freelancers, start-ups, permanent establishments of foreign companies and non-profit organizations.

Our firm has many years of industry experience in auditing and advising clients from industry, commerce and the service sector. This expertise covers mechanical engineering, the automotive supply industry as well as the plastics and metal processing industries, but for example, also companies and groups in the pet food, waste disposal and media industries. In addition, we have extensive experience with property developers, real estate companies and franchise systems as well as companies and groups from the electrical wholesale and metal trade and the furniture and lifestyle segment.

Special and long-standing client relationships also connect us with domestic and foreign non-profit corporations such as foundations with legal capacity and unincorporated foundations, associations and limited liability companies (gGmbHs), which are particularly active in the scientific, medical and social fields. In the case of freelancers, we have many years of experience, in particular from the support of several notaries' offices, medium-sized law firms and larger medical practices.