The occasions of valuation observed in practice are numerous and very different. They based often on legal or contractual regulations as well as economic considerations in connection with company transactions. In addition, the valuation topics usually operate in a complex environment. Depending on the reason for your valuation, we will act for you as a consultant or neutral expert. In this way, we can develop an appropriate valuation solution for you in all situations.

In addition to valuations for corporate transactions, we are also involved in the formation of companies, capital increases through contributions in kind, conversions and the conclusion of corporate agreements. In this context, we determine for you company values, exchange ratios, cash settlements or compensation payments for the shareholders.

The increasing importance of fair values in accounting requires well-founded valuation and accounting knowledge in financial reporting (in particular according to IFRS). We support you with solutions for purchase price allocations, the valuation of intangible assets and goodwill impairment tests in accordance with IAS 36 and IDW RS HFA 10.

As your consultant, we also prepare valuations for company succession, external succession arrangements and shareholder changes.

Experienced auditors who will work for you with a commercial eye, the necessary degree of pragmatism and broad industry experience, lead all our valuation projects.

Of course, all valuation solutions we develop for you based on the latest legislation, professional standards and valuation practice. Depending on the occasion and the purpose of the valuation, we prepare simplified indicative company valuations, expert opinions corresponding to IDW S1 as well as full expert opinions in accordance with IDW S1.

Contact person
Martin Rohkämper
Master of business administration ("Diplom-Kaufmann"), German certified public accountant, Certified tax advisor