About us

Flat hierarchies as well as a subject-specific and process-oriented working method guarantee the efficiency of our generalists, which you need for a successful development of your economic and fiscal interests.

Highly qualified, motivated and willing to help … With the experience and competence of over 30 professionals, we tackle the ever-increasing challenges of increasingly global economic systems and international tax systems for our clients.

Service-oriented, expert and structured … We provide sophisticated tax planning and tax declaration consulting, auditing services according to German GAAP (HGB) and IFRS, accounting, company valuations and due diligences, family office services, administration of management participation programs, special audits, etc.

Multidisciplinary, individual and client-oriented advisory services … We advise commercial enterprises of all legal forms, from small and medium-sized enterprises to listed stock corporations or holding companies of internationally active private equity companies, freelancers, demanding private mandates and family foundations. In the non-profit sector, non-profit foundations, associations and limited liability companies are supported.

Very responsible, foresighted and reliable … This is how we want to act for you in a comprehensive and trustworthy manner.